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Are you ready for Change?


Kim is a Professional Christian Leadership Coach from Lifeforming Leadership Coaching with over twenty years of training leaders and also a Board Certified Master Life Coach through Light University. Kim specializes in Leadership Coaching, Purpose Discovery, and Marriage and Family Counseling/Coaching. Kim has been equipping people in various stages of their lives to live the life of their dreams for many years. Whether you need a counselor or a coach, Kim Black Ministries can help you through your adversity.

Coaching helps clients to:

  • develop effective ways to navigate through life,

  • reach their goals and

  • to discover and fulfill their purpose. 

Christian coaching focuses on

  • the Truth of God's Word, strengthens relationships, develops skills in listening and communication.

Coaching provides

support, encouragement and accountability to help you maintain focus and finish strong and sustain your necessary life changes. 

Coaching helps you

discover valuable insights and explore your options

  • get in touch with the heartbeat of God for your life and bus- iness.
  • What is involved in Coaching?

    • 45-60 minute scheduled phone sessions/ (face to face when available)

    • Additional time between sessions for you to complete your actions steps

    • Progress Reports at least 24 hours before your next session

    • Evaluations to help monitor progress and make adjustments if necessary

    • Powerful questions to allow you to explore your heart and discover

    • hidden possibilities and potential

    • Help you identify your priorities for growth and enlargement of vision

    If you would like a consultation, please fill out the information below:

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